The Woodland House

“Here is a house so ecologically sound, it breathes in time to the trees around it.”
Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud

Built in 2001, the woodland house was the building that brought ‘roundwood timber framing’ to the public eye. Filmed for channel 4 for Grand Designs, the episode known as ‘the woodsman’s cottage’ was voted the public’s and presenter Kevin McCloud’s all time favourite Grand Design. Built from Sweet chestnut from Prickly Nut Wood, straw bales with lime and earth plasters and with the help of a merry crowd of volunteers the house emerged out of the woodland as if it had risen up amongst the coppice. As the years go by, the house is maturing beautifully in its woodland landscape and living up to it’s role as an adaptable family house.

The woodland house is possible to visit by booking onto one of my open days.

You can watch the Grand Designs episode here: Ben Law’s Woodland House on Grand Designs.