Woodland Training

Ben is no longer taking on further full time apprentices but is offering tailor made woodland training.

Ben has been training in woodland skills since 1999, with many past apprentices and trainees active in working with wood in coppice management and natural building. The new training would suit those starting out who wish to gain some core woodsman skills. Those changing career and looking for skillset improvement and for those who have purchased or have access to a small wood and are looking for the skills and knowledge to manage it.

  • The training is tailor made to the time you have available and skills you wish to acquire.
  • Examples of Training activities include:
  • Woodland management, woodland assessment, coppicing, charcoal burning, cleaving, craft skills and roundwood joinery

All training takes place with Ben Law, Prickly Nut Wood, Lodsworth, West Sussex, GU28 9DR .

Please e-mail using the contact form, giving information about yourself and what skills you wish to learn and the time you have available. Training can be a day or two a week or made up of longer blocks throughout the year. Training costs will be discussed with you based on the agreed training itinerary.

The word woodsman is taken from the latin ‘manus’ meaning hand, hence ‘hand of the wood’ and has no reference to gender, this position is open to men and women.