After the hard graft of winters coppicing, the arrival of spring is a welcome sign of the changing woodland year.

The dark tree stems burst with life and areas of muddy barren woodland floor erupt with vibrant delights of spring flowers. Bluebells, early purple flowering orchid, primrose and yellow archangel appear amongst the coppice re-growth.

Ben taps the birch trees for their sap to make wine and the pace of work begins to change with the season. The first courses begin and visitors return to the woods. The interest for rustic furniture and garden fencing increases, as life returns to people’s gardens. At Prickly Nut Wood, work in the vegetable garden is well underway and purple sprouting brocolli and the first stems of asparagus are ready for harvest.

The brimstone butterfly lights up the woodland rides and the bird song is at its most beautiful, a buildup from the first notes at dawn to a vibrant crescendo, nature’s compositions are the finest of music.